How The High Monks X Melt Lounge are disrupting the Canna-Industry in WEB 3.0 w/ IRL Events
Jul 15 2022 Team Support

How The High Monks X Melt Lounge are disrupting the Canna-Industry in WEB 3.0 w/ IRL Events

Connecting 420 Friendly IRL Events X WEB 3.0!

The High Monks is an NFT Collection that verifies your membership to an Exclusive Canna-Club packed with IRL Events, Merch, Swag, and Industry Discounts! A Club with a Canna-Tank & Play 2 Earn Gaming + Staking Options.

The High Monks want to bridge the gap between cool and conscious while keeping counter culture alive within the Industry!

The High Monks & Founders have done events & spoken all over the world like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Miami, New York, California, and even Barcelona with attendees in the 7k+ range!

It was on a trip to Barcelona for a speaking event that BWheelz, A founder of The High Monks, rolled upon a “ Coffee Shop” which is Spain's Legal Canna Dispensaries. This was an amazing experience of public canna use we were used to in the USA. It was such a unique experience to roll into what look like a coffee shop lounge or club setting where people were connecting and consuming this planet with other enthusiasts. There were computer stations, foosball tables, pool tables, game stations & more surrounded by “Rolling Stations” to prep your fstash and connected with like-minded people, and experience the country's culture around canna industry.

We knew the US needed an establishment like this where ganja lovers can come together to connect and bring each other to a Higher Frequency.

BWheelz says “ In high school, I never had my stash of weed or a huge bong, but I remember going into a headshop called Herb 'N Legend. It was an unforgettable experience to have within a Head Shop, a REAL Head Shop! Some might say is one of the last of a dying breed where you could stare for hours at the beautiful functional glass art that can fetch $35K+ for some pieces, an impressive selection of 100% American-made glass. It was like the first public hang-out for smokers really, that was a legal unicorn back in High School. After I got into a snowboarding accident where canna saved my life I knew I had to get into the Restricted Industry and I want to have fun creating a community to support it!

~ A Founder of The High Monks
Brandon “BWheelz” Stewart

Years later after Brandon's accident, he re-connected with Herb ‘N Legend and Tim the owner, one of the Valley’s most beloved Head Shops where all are welcome, and smiles come standard. Located on the west side of Phoenix, customers travel from all over the nation to visit, admire, and shop for glass art thanks to our exceptional level of customer service and an impressive selection of 100% American-made glass.

BWheelz “shared space” one day & met Tim @ Herb N Legend, A World Famous Head Shop, where I got to view some beautiful functional art pieces displayed within the headshop & meet the crew. Tim took me through the back of the shop where we think it dead ends but thru the bathroom and if you know the code unlocks a hidden gem of Phoenix, Arizona.

I roll through the door to view a state-of-the-art glass shop with viewing windows to watch artists craft glass live! Past that opens up into a HIGH-Quality Coffee Shop with a Great Vibes setting where you can view the vault of Melt Lounge that's next store to Herb N Legend. Where the most high-end and special glass pieces can be viewed including a legendary Chong Bong Signed by Tommy Chong that goes for 35K.

Melt Lounge X The High Monks have teamed up to bring to the world 420 Themed and Friendly IRL Events every 90 Days @ The Melt Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona with the friendliest source of functional glass art and counterculture connection you can find.

See you at the next one!

What city would you love to see The High Monks pop-up @ NEXT!

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