REBUD X The High Monks
Aug 01 2022 Team Support

REBUD X The High Monks

REBUD X The High Monks Joint Forces in WEB 3.0!!

REBUD has solved many of the problems the industry has been facing across all states.

Customers want Convenience, Efficiently, and Exclusivity when purchasing from a Brand.

REBUD has done this by helping brands set up Delivery & Pickup for their customers at their locations. 


We have implemented Token Gated Member Discounts for brands to piggyback off our membership platform or have us build their own!

within seconds...

Your customer is on their way to checkout their cart, they can connect their digital wallet and verify their discount VIA each Brand or Partners's NFT Smart Contract within seconds giving them a 20% Discount on their Delivery or Pickup order.

Talk about Service!

Do you have a brand in the Industry?

Please email us @ for more info on how we can help your brand's current customers & create a membership platform for THRIVES & SCALE

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