SpaceDawgs and The High Monks Announce Strategic NFT Partnership for DawgsApp Wallet Security and The High Monks Utility & Contract Development.
Jan 14 2022 Brandon Stewart

SpaceDawgs and The High Monks Announce Strategic NFT Partnership for DawgsApp Wallet Security and The High Monks Utility & Contract Development.

The High Monks will design one-thousand co-branded SpaceCards hard wallets, with 800 available for The High Monks community, and 200 earmarked for the SpaceDawgs community. “The High Monks has a responsibility to offer the best wallet technology to ensure our community has the tools available to protect their valuable assets – and that is the DawgsWallet with SpaceCard hard wallets. The combination of a pure self-custody wallet with a mobile-cold SpaceCard 'hard wallet’ with 600 recoverable seeds is the perfect combination to give our community security, convenience, and privacy when holding and transmitting their NFTs and digital assets.” said Brandon Stewart, CMO of The High Monks & Ex-Facebook Direct Response - SME.

SpaceDawgs will provide the DawgsApp including DawgsWallet and SpaceCards hard wallets to The High Monks community for secure self-custody storage and transmission of their NFT assets, along with traditional cryptocurrencies. SpaceDawgs Dev team will be assisting The High Monks with building and testing Smart Contract & Web Apps for the project. The High Monks will assist SpaceDawgs with the artistic creation of the SpaceDawgs Genesis NFT series with ongoing collaboration.

“The SpaceDawgs Genesis NFT series is an important step forward as we begin to unveil our larger DeFi utility plan. In addition to utility, the DAO wanted to showcase the unique artistic value in our NFTs. We looked long and hard before finding incredible talent with The High Monks team”, commented Patrick Moynihan, lead contributor for SpaceDawgs DAO LLC.

Under the terms of the agreement, The High Monks and SpaceDawgs will swap a small percent of their respective projects' NFTs for strategic long-term value. SpaceDawgs DAO has acquired the original ‘High Monks’ canvas, which includes DAO whitelisting for future High Monks offerings. The High Monks will create 3 unique SpaceDawgs 'canvas + NFT' combinations as part of the SpaceDawgs Genesis NFT launch auction.  “We are excited to collaborate with The High Monks team and diversify the DAO Treasury for potential long-term appreciation. This is a strategic fit for both SpaceDawgs and The High Monks and we are looking forward to bringing creative NFTs with a utility to market."

The High Monks and SpaceDawgs have agreed to further collaborate on their respective metaverse gaming technology initiatives, which may include certain NFT gaming cross-compatibility. SpaceDawgs development team will assist High Monks with NFT contract source code, and implementation of a custom 'High Monks' branded wallet skin for DawgsWallet. The High Monks will assist SpaceDawgs with NFT artistic creation and digital marketing through its affiliate partners. 

“We are thrilled to showcase the artistic expression of The High Monks brand directly under the DawgsWallet family umbrella.  All crypto communities share a wallet interaction.  SpaceDawgs provides a custom wallet brand experience with integrated soft and hard wallets, for simple secure custody and transmission of digital assets and NFTs. We believe more high-quality projects and nimble corporate brands will seek to join the SpaceDawgs family. Custom-branded DawgsWallet with SpaceCard hard wallets enable brands to cater directly to their communities, and The High Monks will set the bar for their community with the artistic brand expression ” said Moynihan 

Both teams have recruited ex-Facebook (now META) employees and SMEs to accelerate their development processes. This was a natural partnership and a giant leap forward for both teams. With SpaceDawgs Cold Wallet technology and security and The High Monks creativity and marketing, we will be a force to reckon with in the industry.

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