The High Monks Review By ALL AGES OF GEEK
Mar 08 2022 Team Support

The High Monks Review By ALL AGES OF GEEK

NFTs are becoming extremely popular on the internet. More and more artists and creators are joining the metaverse and showing their art to the world. Hand-drawn art, digital art, photography, the possibilities are endless in the metaverse. Today we are going to chat all about High Monks and what they have in store for you. “The Year Is 3011, A New Species Of Homo-Habilis Are Inhabiting The Earth, Taking The Planet To A Point Of Complete Destruction. A Horde Of The Deadliest Demons Have Escaped Their Realms And Are Influencing The Earth’s Apes And Evolution Itself Has Been Brought To A Standstill And A State Of Uncertainty. The High Monks From Sirius Have Sensed The Shift In The Universe, And Have Decided To Deploy 11,111 Of Their Most Powerful High Monks To Planet Earth. Their Purpose Is To Defend Us All From The Demons, Return Them To Where They Came From, Close Their Portal, And Finally Elevate Earth’s Frequency To Help The Apes Continue Their Path Of Evolution.”

These amazing NFTs have so much going on. Over on their website they go into great detail on what they are working on, including a roadmap which showcases their supporters what they will do as they grow. They also will be working with charities which is amazing to hear! High Monks has so much in store for their holders. But, let’s chat about their designs.

NFT collectors looking to expand their gallery with more anime and cartoon inspired designs should check out High Monks. These NFTs truly break the norm and showcase true artistry. Each character has their own unique facial expressions, accessories and much more. Fans of anime will especially love the designs because of the way their eyes are drawn. The characters truly showcase an amazing group of possibilities. The best part is those who are looking to represent themselves in the metaverse will benefit because there are so many possible outcomes. Want an anime girl with blue hair and devil horns? They have it! Or maybe a character with no face but amazing patterns on their outfit? Also possible. High Monks has something for everyone.

They also have a P2E game “Our New P2e App Is Out And Ready For You To Sign Up And Start Earning Merch, NFTs, Discounts, Highlist Spot, And More! Sign Up Today And Let’s Keep The High Vibes On Our Journey To Nirvana.” This is great for holders because they will be able to earn something beneficial as they play. The amazing part about this whole project is supporters get to win real life rewards too.

With much to come in the future, fans of NFTs should consider checking out all of High Monks’ links. There you will be able to read all about their project, view their designs, and maybe purchase your next big NFT. Support them today. You won’t regret it.

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