What Does It Mean To Become An OG?
Aug 27 2022 Team Support

What Does It Mean To Become An OG?

There are only 111 Spots for OGs in our Hall of Flame

OG's Spots are for members that have been our biggest supporters and have been there to help us grow as soon as they came into our community. They OGs stay steady reppin The High Monks anywhere they go spreading the HIGH VIBES...

Its a VIBE!

What's an OG of Hall of 🔥Flame?


🪙1/1 Canvas
🪙NFT of Canvas
🪙@thehighmonks NFT - OG Portal
🪙OG Only Air Drops
🪙Exclusive OG merch Line - Earn 10%
🪙OG spot within Stoners Temple - 1 of 111
🪙VIP Ticket 2 THM IRL event

See some of our current OGs!

DM 2 Apply linktr.ee/thehighmonks

Checkout Which OGs are available if there are any

Become an OG www.highmonks.com

Grab OG Bundle HERE for 1/1 Session with High Monks Artist


Email Us @ Team@thehighmonks.com for any questions!